Downloads for some of my favorite software - Mostly Open Source - All Free

Note: These are the versions I downloaded. To be sure to get the latest, click on the link to the left to go to the sites where they are hosted.

URL for description and latest version Download File Size Description
Core FTP coreftplite.exe 3M FTP client. I use it to update this web site.
Gimp gimp-2.6.5-i686-setup.exe 14M Graphics package, kinda like Photoshop
Hugin hugin-0.7.0_win32-setup.exe 12M Create panoramas from multiple images. Very powerful, but can be very easy to use. The one tedious manual step can be eliminated by also using Autopano-SIFT (below). For a tutorial on downloading and use, I wrote one here
Autopano-SIFT autopano-sift-2.3-win-1.exe 728k Use with Hugin (above) to create panoramas.
OpenOffice N/A N/A Office Suite, kinda like MS Office and will read/write MS Office formats. Includes Base, Calc, Draw, Impress, and Writer
JKDefrag 468K Defragmentation tool. GUI or command line.
KeePass KeePass-1.15-Setup.exe 1.2M Password Safe
MWSnap MWSnap300.exe 644K Screen capture tool
NavMonPC NavMonPc-0.31-Setup.exe 1M Displays NMEA data and AIS data for marine navigation.
Open CPN on SourceForge This is an ongoing project. Go to the website to get the latest version. 24M Marine Chart navigation package. This package is really coming along. Actively being developed. New features every few weeks. Supports BSB (.KAP), ENC and CM93 charts.
mc2bsbh Go to the website to get the latest version. 114k Utility to convert Mapcal calibrations to BSB header file. From the output you can use tif2bsb to create BSB charts for use in various navigation packages. Instructions on site, but the basics are: Use MapCal (below) to calibrate, mc2bsbh to convert calibration, Imagemagick to convert image, tif2bsb to convert to chart. Then it can be used in OpenCPN (above) and sometimes other packages.
SeaClear sc_setup.exe 2M Another Marine Chart navigation package. Includes Mapcal to calibrate your own scanned images into charts for use in Seaclear.
UASPhotoMaps - JDMCox USAPhotoMaps.exe 564K Downloads and displays arial, satelite photos and topo charts from the TerraServer. All the USA is covered.
Starrsoft TerraFetcher 107K A batch program to download the Terraserver data for display with USAPhotoMaps. Can also create large .jpgs.

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