Updated 06/28/2009

The list of charts is here.

The first 2 columns is the list of charts and their sizes after I copied them, overlaying duplicates.
Then there is one column for each folder.
The charts marked green have only one copy.
The ones marked in yellow are duplicates.
The empty folders (there were 5) are in grey.
There were some .7CB files in some of the folders - they are marked in blue.
My next job is to check the sizes of each of the ones in yellow.
That'll take longer than what I've done so far.
So don't count on that anytime soon.
The column headed "Vaarwegmarkering", well, that just had two files with an extension of .xls.
Not sure what they are.

A directory listing of the charts is here

The files that don't match

OK, HERE is the final cut. This is a list of the files that are duplicates but their sizes don't match. 24 files.
06/28/2009 - I have chosen the files from the duplicates. In the above link, scroll down and you'll see the list. BUT, when looking at these, I found some that even though they were the same size, they were different. So, NOW I have to go through ALL the duplicates even if they are the same size.