imgkap - image to BSB Charts - by MdJ

Updated 2011/05/14

Documentation:   imgkap.html For documentation on this site.
Forum:   Cruisers Forum For support.
Windows binary v 1.11 imgkap.exe For Windows, this is all you need. From post #88 2011-05-14, 17:54
Source code v 1.11 imgkap.c Compile this for Linux, or if you want to modify it for youself on either Linux or Windows.
Convert Command:   convert.cmd See note below. You don't need this if you are downloading from this page.

Note: you do NOT need the convert command when downloading the .exe from this site. But if you download the multi-part Windows .exe from the forum, the convert command will make it simpler. It requires that you have 7-Zip installed before running (available free from You just put everything, including the convert command, into the same directory, and double-click the convert.cmd.

Older versions
Windows binary v 1.1 imgkap.exe From post #88 2011-05-14, 17:54
Source code v 1.1 imgkap.c Compile this.
Windows binary v 1.0b imgkap.exe From post #60 2011-04-09, 07:02
Source code v 1.0b imgkap.c Compile this.

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