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Prototype - Early prototype of the radiator stand and reservoir tower.

Section 1 - Through pump failure.

Section 2 - Some bracing added.

Section 3 - New tower design.

Section 4 - Basic housing for the new pump and the first UV photos.

Section 5 - Detail of pump housing construction and some closeups of the structure, with some more UV shots.

Section 6 - Removing UV LED light strips from housing and preparing to mount in the tower.

Section 7 - Plumbing the reservoir for the tower.

Section 8 - Plumbing the reservoir for the tower. Take 2. Take 3.

Section 9 - Rebuilding the tower.

Section 10 - Back together and running!. No leaks!

Section 11 - Wiring the lights.

Section 12 - Control Panel.

Erector Sets - The Erector sets I am using to build the WaterPlant.

PC Parts - The water cooling equipment to be used in the PC.

Last updated 2007/04/25